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+ Please take a few minutes to enjoy my new website www.jaybrightarchitect.com
I am pleased to be able to show a wide range of work including happy clients & contractors.

+ I may have reached the high point of my architectural practice when I inspected the United Congregational Church of Bridgeport from a 170 foot man lift sent from Boston. The building committee understood our need to touch most parts of the Christopher Wren inspired steeple for a thorough inspection, partially funded by the CT Trust for Historic Preservation.

+ New Haven Public Library’s planning committee asked for my help planning a lunch celebrating architectural thinker Paul Goldberger and his latest book Why Architecture Matters full of sensitive and sensible observations about buildings and their settings. And no, architecture is not frozen music!

+ It is a time of opportunity for those able to initiate a construction project. Most design profesionals and tradesmen would welcome new work after a slow year. As always, be careful not to just shop for a low price that can often lead to expensive outcomes if the company cuts corners, uses inexperienced workers, goes out of business, abandons the job or is litigious.

+ Last August marked our 8th year volunteering at www.circleoftapawingo.org a program for girls-who-had-lost-a-parent included 108 campers last August. It was the first year that Camp Manitou launched a parallel program for boys www.manitouexperience.org!!!




I was fortunate to spend two weeks in Japan guided by a college friend who had lived there for 13 years. The most astonishing sight/site was the giant, orange tori gateway set on the tidal flats of Myajima Island. It hovered on the water at high tide and was clearly on land like a beached whale at low tide…suggesting the ebb and flow of spirit to the nearby shrine.

Photos may be viewed at: VIEW LINK